Whether your company is a small, medium or a global enterprise, finding and keeping the right people with the right skills to deliver results is one of the greatest challenges you face.  What is the solution?  Pay closer attention to your people! It is the most critical aspect of business success.  Don’t get caught in the vicious war for talent!

The talent management cycle is a proven system!  It is driven from the business strategy which, in turn, drives the people required to deliver results. From this point, the rest of the cycle is set in motion.

Our Talent Management Integrated Model includes:

  • Talent Strategy
  • Workforce Planning
  • Capability & Competency Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Succession Management
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Performance Management
  • Career Path Planning
  • Learning & Capability Development
  • Systems & Process Management


Our HR Professionals are highly experienced in all aspects of the Talent Management Cycle and  work hands-on to establish thriving talent management systems within various companies .

“We have progressed from the Industrial age to the Information age. The value of hard assets has declined relative to the value of a company’s intangible assets – assets such as proprietary intellectual capital, winning brands, and innovative ideas. Underpinning all of these intangibles is talent… And better talent is what will separate the winning companies from the rest.“The War for Talent,Organization and Leadership Practice McKinsey & Company, April 2001


Be the company everyone wants to work for!

In today’s economy, it is important that you align your workforce to the company culture, values and business goals if you wish to retain your people. We are passionate about helping you find the “Right Person with the Right Character and the Right Skills at the Right Time”.

It might sound cliche, but this is what will make the difference for you.

Let us work with you to determine  who you need to hire. We believe in Jim Collins’s “Good to Great” approach of “first who, then what”.  It’s about finding people who will fit with your culture and your team and then determining what job they will excel at.  Find the perfect person for the role and your company and let them fall in love with their  job.

We have an unconventional approach. Simon Sinek’s book “Start with Why” talks about “How great leaders inspire everyone to take action”. At PULSE, we firmly believe that the whole recruiting and sourcing project starts with you.  If you wish to inspire people to work for you, if you want to set yourself apart from the competition, then there are three simple questions you must ask yourself.  The first question is: “Why are we in business?”  The second question is: “Why would anyone want to work for me?”  The third question is: “What am I doing or what will I do differently to ensure people would prefer me over my competitors?”

As an employer, the cost of a bad hire is calculated to be from 3 to 5 times a person’s annual salary in poor work results, lost opportunity, re-hiring and retraining, not to mention the finder’s fee. At PULSE, we believe in a “from-hire-to-retire” philosophy. Let us assess your “Why” factor and determine if you are ready to recruit or source someone new for a position. Your success depends on you engaging in the “Why”. If you are an organization looking for the ideal candidate, please contact us at

As a potential candidate, if finding the right job in the right company is your mission, please register with our database for a possible placement by submitting your resume to


Many companies utilize the words “Global Mobility” to refer to the singular activity of deploying an employee to another country.  However, truly effective Global Mobility strategy is much more than just relocation.  It is a strategic step, as important as any key business process.

It should be viewed as the opportunity to create value and as an intentional step in the development of your human capital. In other words, Global Mobility is one of the most important aspects of your overall Talent Development strategy and factors in to that process to prepare candidates at any stage of their career path to develop both themselves and their company for continued future success.

Our approach to Global Mobility creates a dynamic space that allows a company to assess the developmental value of the assignment and compare it with the business value of deploying that employee. Based on this assessment, we can create flexible mobility packages. In order to get you there we take four key steps:

We assess your company’s current Talent Management Strategy, including workforce planning and talent analytics.

We develop the right internal and external infrastructure.

We align your company’s current and future business goals to its Human Resources goals and current structure. We take your current situation and visualize it in a global capacity so that current and future deployments fit correctly into future plans.

Finally, we set measurable outcomes in place to ensure the final product contributes to your business goals.

Our Global Mobility scope includes four stages:

  1. Pre-placement,
  2. Mobility/deployment
  3. Host country assimilation and
  4. End-of-assignment planning.


Each of these stages has specific elements that must be present to ensure success. We have the expertise to walk you through our model and customize the program to ensure it is cost effective while never cutting corners.

What does workforce-planning mean?

It is key to have the

  • Right number of people, with the
  • Right job knowledge and skills, working in an organization in the
  • Right jobs at the right time to deliver on the business plan.


Workforce-Planning is, however, a relatively ignored aspect of most business strategy and planning.

With today’s quickly evolving technological advances and challenging economic environment, companies are compelled to plan for the future with a more focused approach.  It means reducing costs, increasing productivity and quality as well as improving employee /employer relationships.

There is a War for Talent upon us.  It is not a myth; it is a reality, so ask yourself…

  • Who is looking at the big-picture talent needs of your company? What if, once you win the business, you have no one to run the business?
  • Are you prepared to develop and train your people in order to equip them or retain them?
  • Are you developing and training your workforce to increase their leadership and team effectiveness?
  • How are you preparing to compete in a global talent market?
  • Do you have a high-potential development plan in place in your organization to grow what you need?
  • How are you managing your organization’s tribal and legacy knowledge?

PULSE has a tried and proven approach to workforce-planning that puts you in the driver’s seat and allows you to confidently address one of the most challenging aspects of any organization.