In every organization, training and development of people is required.  The question often asked is “What training must we provide?”  (in other words: what is the minimum we can get away with), when the question should be  “Where should I invest my training budget to give me the best return?”.

The process should begin with knowing what skills, knowledge, expertise and competence are required to run your business.  Once that is defined, you can assess your workforce and identify gaps that may hold you back from achieving your business objectives and deliverables.  This is where your training and development dollars should be directed!   Like a farmer who plans what crops he will reap at harvest time and, accordingly, selects the seeds he sows, you should invest in planting the seeds of skill and knowledge that you need within your workforce to deliver your product (harvest).  The farmer would never think he could go to market with a crop without sowing the seeds, allowing them to germinate and mature.  Allowing a budget for targeted training (training that will give you a return on your investment) is the first step towards ensuring you get something out of the training and development.

PULSE is very adept at assessing the knowledge and skill gaps in your business and providing you options of  ready-to-go or customized programs and training that close those gaps.   Our portfolio covers hard and soft skills and spans technical, leadership, people, organizational and business options that fit your needs, budget and timing.





How would you describe your relationship with your boss?  Are you happy with the dynamics and how you work together?  Being a Middle Manager, Supervisor or Executive Assistant is about adding value and contributing to an organization and people you believe in.

Each position requires a unique set of skills to achieve success. It isn’t easy and it isn’t always fun. But, with the right tools, it can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience.

By mastering the Managing Up concept, you will be able to understand the importance of framing the needs of your role, the needs of your boss and his/her style using the “You, Me, We” Approach, utilize the tools and resources provided to create a win/win/win, hold yourself, your boss and others accountable, and establish a stronger awareness in how you can make a difference.

Managing Up gives a clear roadmap to get what you need to ensure you can be great at what you do, become an invaluable asset to your boss and your organization and get recognized for your contribution.

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No matter what your business is, there is no one who knows your company like you do. We know there are times when off-the-shelf training cannot address your specific industry needs. We are experienced at working with your subject matter experts to create and implement customized programs, whether you need technical, business, leadership, teambuilding, communications or other niche programs. Finding someone who really gets you is not always easy… We get it!   We can help you to:

  • Develop customized solutions that are both specific to your needs and cost effective.
  • Create/implement a “Train the Trainer” program allowing you to deliver the program content with your staff through targeted, facilitated exercises, tools and workshops that belong to you.
  • Ensure that the programs are created to a standard that makes them repeatable and sustainable.

PULSE will guide you through the process, with our learning matter experts, to develop and deliver stellar programs that will make a positive difference.

Boot Camp


Do you have a new Supervisor who, yesterday, was working in the team he/she is now responsible to lead?  Is he/she equipped for the role that he/she is about to take on?  Do you have a Manager who is very good at the technical side of his/her role but struggles with the people aspects of the job?  What are you going to do to position them for success?

Start now with addressing your obvious concerns… Our Leadership Bootcamp is designed to be just what the words imply: an intensive experiential applied learning event providing sustainable tools that can be immediately applied in the real world.  Participants will be put through the paces of understanding their natural abilities to lead and learn and apply new leadership concepts in an experiential course of events where they play both the role of  Leader and the role of Follower.

Our leadership development program is customizable to all levels of leadership. It is not only valuable for middle-management. As a matter of fact, in most organizations, the greatest opportunity exists at the front-line leader level. It is so important that Senior Leaders understand this and put their full support behind the training initiative. Whatever your greatest opportunity is, we have real-world experience with all levels of leadership and can assess and advise on where to start.  Click here for additional programs.