Do you need help with your business plan review, advice on your launch plan or expertise and insight on your next merger or acquisition plan?

Our advisors are business experts who have a lifetime of solid business experience and an unrivalled success record in their areas of expertise.  You will find not only expert advice on your problem or challenge but solutions that will make good business sense by breaking it down and targeting the core and not only symptomatic issues.

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If you find that you are under pressure for a project deadline, have internet research that needs to be done but don’t have the time, or have an unexpected event that needs to be planned, we can help. PULSE offers a wide range of business support functions to free up your time to focus on other pressing business matters.

  • Graphic Design
  • Event Planning
  • Technical Writing
  • Word Processing
  • Multi-media Presentations
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Database/Mailing List Management
  • Proofreading
  • Print Brokering
  • Internet Research


Finding available resources with the experience and skill required within the specified period of time may, at times, pose a challenge for you. We can help with interim management support.  Whether it is a functional leader/manager, or a project manager; providing the right person for the job is something we can do.

Effective project management poses challenges that, when not managed, can drive costs and frustration to unacceptable heights. What is needed is someone who knows the ropes and can handle the multiple vectors that must converge to bring the project to successful completion.  It’s about getting the job done and being able to navigate between timing and cost, people needs and technical challenges to deliver quality on time, within scope and on budget. Our experts are equipped to help you address your challenges.




Many companies utilize the words “Global Mobility” to refer to the singular activity of deploying an employee to another country.  However, truly effective Global Mobility strategy is much more than just relocation.  It is a strategic step, as important as any key business process.

It should be viewed as the opportunity to create value and as an intentional step in the development of your human capital. In other words, Global Mobility is one of the most important aspects of your overall Talent Development strategy and factors in to that process to prepare candidates at any stage of their career path to develop both themselves and their company for continued future success.

Our approach to Global Mobility creates a dynamic space that allows a company to assess the developmental value of the assignment and compare it with the business value of deploying that employee. Based on this assessment, we can create flexible mobility packages. In order to get you there we take four key steps:

We assess your company’s current Talent Management Strategy, including workforce planning and talent analytics.

We develop the right internal and external infrastructure.

We align your company’s current and future business goals to its Human Resources goals and current structure. We take your current situation and visualize it in a global capacity so that current and future deployments fit correctly into future plans.

Finally, we set measurable outcomes in place to ensure the final product contributes to your business goals.

Our Global Mobility scope includes four stages:

  1. Pre-placement,
  2. Mobility/deployment
  3. Host country assimilation and
  4. End-of-assignment planning.


Each of these stages has specific elements that must be present to ensure success. We have the expertise to walk you through our model and customize the program to ensure it is cost effective while never cutting corners.