Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning

What does workforce-planning mean?

It is key to have the

  • Right number of people, with the
  • Right job knowledge and skills, working in an organization in the
  • Right jobs at the right time to deliver on the business plan.


Workforce-Planning is, however, a relatively ignored aspect of most business strategy and planning.

With today’s quickly evolving technological advances and challenging economic environment, companies are compelled to plan for the future with a more focused approach.  It means reducing costs, increasing productivity and quality as well as improving employee /employer relationships.

There is a War for Talent upon us.  It is not a myth; it is a reality, so ask yourself…

  • Who is looking at the big-picture talent needs of your company? What if, once you win the business, you have no one to run the business?
  • Are you prepared to develop and train your people in order to equip them or retain them?
  • Are you developing and training your workforce to increase their leadership and team effectiveness?
  • How are you preparing to compete in a global talent market?
  • Do you have a high-potential development plan in place in your organization to grow what you need?
  • How are you managing your organization’s tribal and legacy knowledge?

PULSE has a tried and proven approach to workforce-planning that puts you in the driver’s seat and allows you to confidently address one of the most challenging aspects of any organization.