Leadership Programs

favicon7E-Leadership Operating System

Leading Fundamentals  –  provides a framework for leading others no matter what level you are at in your leadership journey.

    • E1 – Engage
    • E2 – Equip
    • E3 – Establish
    • E4 – Empower
    • E5 – Execute
    • E6 – Examine
    • E7 – Evolve

faviconLeading You

A 2-Day facilitated program that deals with the individual contributor.  Before you can lead others you must be able to lead yourself by understanding what makes you tick.  What is your personality type, how do you best relate to others, what are your core values, what are your strengths?  What are your blind spots? Where are you going?

faviconLeadership Training

Customized to any level of leadership, our programs are targeted to your leadership competencies. Whether you are a first time leader or a senior executive, we have an approach that is proven and sound. Lead and be led!  Our programs will equip you with tools and methods of leading yourself and others to create positive, lasting change,  targeted to the realities your organizational needs.  Learn techniques, processes and skills that can be immediately implemented in the workplace and measured for success.

faviconLeading Change

Learn the key to implementing and sustaining successful change.  A 2-Day workshop that reveals the formula for successful change management with simple yet effective tools and knowledge that can be immediately implemented in your next change initiative.

faviconAccelerated Successor Mentor Model

Being identified as a High Potential or Successor Does Not a Leader Make! How do you select your successors?  Does the candidate wish to be a successor?  Who will fill his/her role in the event of a promotion?  Does the candidate fit with the culture of the organization?

Learn how do you prepare the Successor for his/her next role using our “Accelerated Mentor Model” that drives development for the Successor and hones the mentoring skills for the top leaders in your organization.