High Performance Team Programs

Close up of men's rowing team

faviconPeak Performance – Teams At the Top

A 2- Day Workshop targeted to leaders who are no longer satisfied with simply having an underperforming or disengaged team.  Learn what leaders can do to select and support a team that will achieve amazing results and outperform every other team.

faviconMeetings Matter

“Death by Meeting” – How to make sure it never happens to your team!  Patrick Lencioni has written the book on it. We teach you how to apply the principles and transform your meetings into productive and engaging sessions that everyone will benefit from.

faviconCreating Your Team Charter

Every team needs to know its purpose for existing. Our 1-Day workshop will guide you through a process to create your team charter – your team’s purpose, operating guidelines, performance objectives, and an ideal team vision.

faviconThe Boot Camp Challenge

Take your team on an adventure based teambuilding event that will challenge the old thinking and create a openness for new thinking.  An excellent environment for existing teams to reconnect, for new teams to gel and dysfunctional teams to learn to function differently.