Development of your workforce is the greatest investment you can make!  Though some might argue the point, there is no disputing that even the most advanced machines cannot be produced without skilled workers nor can they run on their own indefinitely! Someone must have the programming or operating skills to make them work.

Development and training are often overlooked but powerful business strategies when targeted to the business and individual needs. With the constantly changing business environment, the training budget is usually one of the first to be cut.  Making the right choices in where to invest your training funds are becoming more and more critical as is managing the knowledge transfer in your operation.

At PULSE, our team of experts understands the challenges you face; we have walked in your shoes and know that targeted training is the answer.   We partner with you to identify your needs and customize programs and solutions to address those needs.  We help you identify the outcomes you should expect before you ever send your People for training.  We believe in a blended approach to learning and the 70.20.10 principle with 70 percent of the learning being on the job, 20 percent learning from others through mentoring and coaching and 10 percent through formal training.  We help you establish your plan and equip your facilitators to ensure sustainability.  We believe in setting clear expectations and success measurables… not simply measuring the impact of training through a feedback survey at the end of a training session.  We help you monitor the ongoing impact on the individuals’ motivation, performance and productivity.

Let us show you how to leverage your investment for a greater return.