Culture Programs and Training

Multiracial Hands Surrounding the Earth Globe

faviconLeadership & Cultural Transformation

A 3-Day Workshop targeted to senior leaders.  Let us take you through a process of defining the culture you have, chart the culture you need and create a transition charter that defines the roadmap to the future.

faviconCross-Cultural Communications

A dynamic communications program targeted to organizations who are dealing with a diverse and/or global workforce or are embarking on a new business venture in an emerging market and new culture.  Success depends on you understanding that differences exist and knowing how to deal with them when they arise.

faviconCreate Your Credo

Take your vision, mission, values and principles to all levels of the organization.  Don’t depend on someone misinterpreting or miscommunicating your message.  Communication takes on a new dimension when everyone can articulate why the company exists and what role they play in making it a success.  Participate in our 2-day program to develop your credo and learn how to make it a wildly successful exercise that will leave a lasting impression.

faviconUnderstanding Customer Culture

Learn to assess the cultural landscape of your Customer and equip yourself with techniques to drive better Customer relationships, improved communications and delivery of expectations.  Gain Customer loyalty through an improved service culture that considers not just how YOU get things done but how the Customer wants to get things done.  Most importantly, realize that all Customers are NOT created equally and that the cookie cutter approach is not always the right approach.