PULSE  by DNK– A Canadian based firm, comprised of a team of manufacturing experts with extensive global launch experience. We provide the assistance you need –  human resources, technical support, and business advisory support… We are your extended team.

Human Resource Consulting

favicon Recruiting – In any launch People are the key to success or failure. Finding the right people is the first and most important success hurdle. Let us help you identify the best possible candidates for the job. It’s about identifying the person with the right skills, aptitude, attitude and values to be successful and add value to the organization.

favicon Onboarding and Training – The key to rapid productivity lies in the time you spend on-boarding and preparing your employees for the job. With the right systems, processes, and training, employee satisfaction and engagement begins with how their hiring and onboarding are handled.

favicon Labour Relations – Strong ties and longstanding relationships are essential to getting off on the right foot. Establishing your needs and conveying them appropriately will ensure your success.

Technical Support Solutions

favicon Launch issues arise no matter how well the project is planned. What is important is your response time to the issues at hand. Resources are often stretched and that’s where we can help. Our team of experts has extensive experience to launch control and management.

favicon Project Management – Delegate the issues to an expert with the resources to connect the dots, add value and eliminate problems. Manage quality, cost, scope, and timing with a project manager who has been in this very situation before.

favicon Production – Our expert team has a deep level of experience in balancing and satisfying the needs of the key stakeholders and still delivering results. PPAP, SOP may be jeopardized or compromised without the experienced team to bring it all together. You lead and we are part of your extended team; or, we lead and transfer knowledge and skill to your team to make them self sustaining, long-term.