titlebakcground Donna Tulloch


Insightful, innovative, and accomplished Executive  in Human Resources, People Development, and Training Strategy,  Donna has been a key strategic agent in transforming the Human Resource and People Development vision throughout her career and across sectors. Capable of architecting and championing the importance of People as the key asset in any business, Ms. Tulloch is a role model for Women in the Workforce and an accomplished executive who is passionate about inspiring people to achieve their peak potential on a global scale.

In today’s economy and with the war for talent on a global basis, human resources and talent management systems and structures are the key to navigating periods of growth and economic challenge.  Ms. Tulloch is a dynamic resource with an incalculable value that provides intent focus on continuous development of skills, knowledge, and leadership at every organizational level, targeted to the business needs.

In the course of her career thus far, Donna  has had a tremendous impact in building out and sustaining a cohesive human resources organizations that proactively respond to high-flux needs and local requirements on a truly global scale. Donna has made an indelible contribution in the galvanizing of workforces and preparing them to meet and overcome diverse business challenges.

Donna has spent  her career working in the Health Care and Aviation and Automotive industries in various leadership roles, driving development and training, policy and process improvement and regulatory compliance.  Her broad knowledge of global workforce challenges, with experience in Russia, China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Eastern Europe, Western Europe as well as USA and Canada are invaluable in today’s global business environment.  Donna is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Human Resource Management.

titlebakcground Natalie Martin

Creative Director

Natalie MartinNatalie Martin is a multidisciplinary creative whose passion for print and multi media design inspires her in her work each day.  Natalie’s unique vision, conceptual thinking and idea development is a critical asset driving in the user-experience of marketing materials and new business opportunities through proactive and innovative thinking.

Her superior leadership and collaboration skills, coupled with her problem solving and decision-making skills are essential in managing and communicating creative concepts in partnership with clients.

Natalie’s passion is to assist clients with internal operations and integrated solutions, vision and goal planning; team and discipline collaboration/integration as well as process and project management.

Natalie’s experience spans over a decade where she has honed her creative talent while leading and /or contributing to projects on a global basis in the not for profit, manufacturing and aviation sectors.  Her experience in project management, communication, database management, event planning and creative design and delivery are a perfect asset to any client project.