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What is the impact of culture on your organization? Whether it is your corporate culture, your customer culture or the culture of the country or region you operate in, there is no denying the impact.

favicon Corporate Culture

Every organization has a culture.  At times, the culture is one that is in need of change to support the objectives and goals of the business.  Unfortunately,  the word “change” sends a chill down most leaders’ backs. For them, the time and effort involved make it a daunting undertaking.

The key to any transition or major change is knowing what steps to take and working with a team that can relate to your unique challenges and situations.

favicon Customer Culture

Every customer has a culture too; they way they get things done that is unique from that of their competitors and different from your corporate culture.  In some cases, understanding your Customer’s culture can mean the difference between winning and losing the business. What can you do about it?  It starts with acknowledging that opportunity exists if you are willing to do something about educating your employees on how to engage with the customer.

favicon Country Culture

Doing business in North America differs from doing business in China.   There are differences between conducting business in Japan vs. Germany or between Michigan and South Carolina. The impact of how your company deals with cultural diversity should not be overlooked. It can have a direct impact on the results you get.

Implementing change requires a culture that can support change. Equipping your staff with awareness, training, processes and expertise is a means of removing bricks from the wall between you and your desired results. At PULSE, we work with you to define processes, assess your needs, develop a plan and working with your team to define a Culture program that will address your needs.