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Any talent acquisition strategy should encompass the entire pre-hire lifecycle of the candidate from creating a requisition to onboarding a new hire.  Key activities include:

  • Requisition management
  • Job postings
  • Prescreening and selection
  • Interviewing
  • Offer letter generation
  • Candidate communication

At Pulse we recognize how important all of this is for your organization.  We provide HR solutions that are simple, efficient and cost effective and set you and your workforce up for success.

titlebakcground Applicant Tracking 

The hiring process for any organization is a huge demand on the HR department and the process of handling the posting, applications, screening and interviewing can be overwhelming, not to mention costly.  The Pulse system helps you manage this process with ease.  Our existing clients tell us that the process of communication with applicants, tracking and maintaining databases of information is as easy as can be.  They are able to process the entire applicant cycle with such increased speed that they no longer lose good candidates because they took too long to move them through the system. ”

titlebakcground Employee Assessment

There is way too much being invested in recruiting the “wrong” people.  We all know of situations where anew hire lasted less than a year, or even worse, just over three months.  The cost of rehiring and retraining is exorbitant. Wouldn’t it be great to know if the applicant you are considering will be successful in the role? While we don’t profess to have a crystal ball, we can provide you with a tools and insights that give you a much deeper understanding of the person prior to the interview.  Hiring managers will be equipped to more accurately assess if the cognitive abilities, behavioural characteristics, essential skills and values of the applicant match the culture of our organization.

titlebakcground Onboarding

Once you identify the “right people” for the hire, you want to move them through the onboarding process without the mountain of tedious and cumbersome paperwork.  With our system you can track the activity every step of the way.

titlebakcground Getting Started 

Implementation of our system is simple, front to end service with expert technical support every step of the way.  We don’t expect you to “buy the vehicle before test-driving”.  We will meet with you to assess your needs at no cost and set you up with a trial run so you can experience the simplicity and ease with which your recruiting process can be managed.