Performance Management
Performance Management

Performance Management is critical to a company’s success, but Performance Management is changing!  Is what you are currently doing working?  If not, we can help. Contact us to learn about our proven, innovative, progressive approach!

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Training Programs
Training Programs

Training to address skill gaps is essential to business results and employee motivation.  We design customized training programs to meet your specific organizational and individual needs.

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Are you getting the results you need ?    Do you require help with goal setting and execution.  It doesn’t have to complex or costly to implement a targeted system that gets you going and makes your profitable.

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Are you happy with the culture you currently have in your organization?  How do you build a culture of accountability and high performance? What do your people say about your organization?

Your culture can impact your strategy, customers, people, processes and systems and, most importantly, the results you get … Read More


At Pulse by DNK we assist our clients with strategically integrating effective HR processes, programs and practices into their daily operations. Our role is also to maximize our client’s performance related to human resources by providing feedback  and implementing solutions that drive their performance related to annual business objectives…. Read More


Do you struggle with quality, cost and timing issues? Do you need support in dealing with a project intervention to get it back on track?  Do you need a Program or Project Manager with experience in managing complex programs and projects in a global environment? Do you need to train your existing Project and Program Managers to optimize on their potential? PULSE can help you with interim project support, site support, training to address your needs … Read More


Leadership is the backbone of every organization… Are you happy with the performance of your leaders and managers?  Are your supervisors, managers and leaders skilled enough to handle their jobs to your satisfaction? What are you doing to retain your good people? Do you have a succession plan to ensure  development of your future leaders?  Is your investment in training and development targeted to the business goals?
If you feel you are not getting the results you hoped, we can help … Read More


Do you have the proper training in your company?  Do you provide training to your employees?  Do you have the People with the right skills to do the job? Do you struggle with finding the right training to meet your needs? What is the ROI (return on investment) of the training you currently do? Are you happy with the development plans of your people?  Do YOU have a development plan? … Read More


Why is shift to ongoing performance management so critical?  Quite simply put, organizations with an ongoing focus on performance management have better employee, talent and business results… Organizations that have employees revise or review their goals quarterly (or more frequently) have stronger financial performance and are better at managing costs than those that do not.  Organizations that are effective at teaching managers to manage and coach have higher employee productivity and engagement, better customer satisfaction and financial performance than organizations that do not… Read More


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